Grecale Folgore

Maserati Grecale Folgore

Folgore is here, irresistible, pure Maserati. Grecale’s arrival to the SUV world, with its Everyday Exceptional experience, also signs the arrival of Maserati’s 100% electric line, Folgore.

2023 Maserati mc20
Grecale Folgore

Maserati’s first 100% electric SUV

Grecale Folgore is fully made in Italy, equipped with a 105 kWh battery capacity and all the true Tridente performance elements. Capable of 800Nm torque, immediately at your feet thanks to the 100% electric propulsion, Grecale Folgore will give you above 500 CV and more than 200km/h as maximum speed.


Full electric, pure Maserati Performance

The design of the electric SUV by Maserati carries the same language of Grecale, with purpose-beauty elements to support aerodynamics and ensure full electric range performances.

Key on Grecale Folgore is the copper special color, Rame Folgore, which highlights the power of electricity and the audacious nature of Maserati. Folgore means “lightening”, and clearly states the ambition of the 100% electric vehicle line up by Maserati: deliver performance and feed the passion for driving breath-taking cars.